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VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless

VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless is a simple video monitor that offers crystal clear sound. A night light and three lullabies. The monitor has two cameras and a two-way talk function. It also has an intercom, so you can talk to your baby from another room.

The Vtech Baby Monitor Video Wireless comes with a base station and a handheld parent unit with a display screen and controls. The base station connects to the cordless handheld device via Bluetooth and the parent unit plugs in to an electrical outlet.

The base station has an easy-to-read digital display, four buttons for controlling the camera, volume control, talk/listen mode and power indicator. The base unit displays time in 24-hour format, date and temperature readings. There is also an activity tab that shows whether the camera is recording or not? how many times it has been activated (if enabled) as well as how many minutes of recording have taken place since activation began.

Rotates 360 degrees Screen

The VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless has a screen that rotates 360 degrees, so you can see your baby no matter what angle you are looking from. The monitor also offers night vision and infrared capabilities, allowing you to see your baby even in the dark. This video monitor comes with a two-way speakerphone, so you can talk directly with your baby through the monitor as well. The camera also has a digital zoom feature that lets you zoom in on the screen to get a closer look at your child.

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VTech Baby Monitor that lets you see and hear your little one right from where you’re standing. With its 3.5″ LCD screen and built-in digital camera, it’s simple to use and lets you check in on your child whenever you want. The wireless camera has a 180-degree wide angle lens that captures the whole room. While the 2-way talk system will let you listen in on everything your little one is up to. The monitor also has a nightlight that automatically turns on when the room gets dark. So you don’t have to worry about turning on a light.

Video, Audio and Nightlight

The VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless is equipped with three modes: video, audio and nightlight. You can select the mode you want by pressing the button on the front of the device. The video mode works very well, providing clear images of your child’s room even in low light conditions. It also has a large 2.4-inch LCD screen that provides full color images of your child’s room. And lets you see what’s going on in there.

Compatible with standard Wi-Fi network

The VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless is compatible with any standard Wi-Fi network. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a 802.11b/g/n router or not. You can connect this monitor to your computer using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. It also comes with parental controls that let you limit how long your child can use certain apps on their device. And set up time limits for games, videos, or websites that are being accessed by your child’s device.

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Rechargeable Battery

This video monitor has a rechargeable battery that gives it about five hours of continuous usage before it needs to be recharged again. (it takes about four hours to fully charge). It also includes a built-in thermometer.

The VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless also includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 8 hours of playtime. Plus it can be used anywhere in the house thanks to its wireless range of up to 100 feet (30 meters). The camera can be mounted on the wall or ceiling with included adhesive pads for added flexibility in placement options. And can be tilted for optimal viewing angles.


VTech Baby Monitor Video Wireless is a good choice for larger homes because of the long transmission distance. And there is no interference from other devices. The video and audio are clear and there are additional features like a night light. However, the user interface seems somewhat dated and could use some improvement.

Overall, this is a great video monitor that is functional and affordable. I’ve used a lot of baby monitors, and this one rates near the top of my list. If you’re looking to keep an eye on your little one while at home, or while you’re on the go. This could be the perfect product for you.

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